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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group works to make resources available to organizations working in and for Haiti, while facilitating and solidifying relationships between the International Donor community, financial and government sectors for the purpose of development initiatives in Haiti. The Resource Group is also a place for investors, social enterprises, leaders in the business world to learn more about investment opportunities in Haiti.


The Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group (HHTARG) was formed in March 2008 by a group of HHTA (Haitian Hometown Associations) leaders for the purpose of strengthening community development projects in Haiti in order to foster economic and social growth with the aim of alleviating poverty in Haiti.


In furtherance of these charitable and educational purposes, the HHTARG shall:

  • Train non-profit organizations that are concerned with Haiti, such as Haitian Hometown Associations, in grant-writing, financial literacy, project development, and project implementation;
  • Raise funds and distribute grants for projects created by Haitian hometown associations and other Haitian organizations that benefit the communities of Haiti;
  • Strengthen the Capacity of Haitian Community Associations in the US and Haiti;
  • Establish a Network of social investors in the US and Haiti;
  • Develop platforms to facilitate information sharing within the Haitian community.

What are HHTAs and what do they do?

The HHTAs are organizations of Haitian immigrants from a specific geographical area in Haiti who come together driven by simple nostalgia or the need to improve the economic status of their old community. They do collective remittances (money transfers) often in response to a particular concern: like uncontrolled flooding of the region, lack of educational opportunity for the children, excessively high unemployment, and the need to build simple infrastructural projects that can improve standard of living, etc.

Many HHTAs evolved or aspire to get involved into a kind of partnership with local authorities in order to build institutions that are permanent and that break the cycle of dependency.

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