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Collaborating at the intersection of Cap-Haitien and Carrefour with long lost friends

Collaborating at the intersection of Cap-Haitien and Carrefour with long lost friends

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Since its formation in 2001, CENTRECH has accumulated several major achievements in education, health, entrepreneurship, socio-cultural activities. Its objective is to educate all fellows originating from Cap Haitien and north of Haiti, living in Quebec, in Canada or elsewhere, as well as all the friends of Haiti, and importance of supporting the full development of the city of Cap Haitien and its institutions.

For more information, consult the website of CENTRECH, www.centrech.org.

An example of achievement in the photo below:
The workshop-school of mechanical engineering and of modification of bikes of Limbé


The workshop-school has been financed by the Quebec Ministry of International Relations, the Cyclo North-south, the CycloChrome Inc and CENTRECH. It gives a complete training in mechanical engineering and modification of bikes, according to a program approved in Quebec. They have already graduated two classes of students and are currently preparing a third group. In terms of results, the apprentice mechanics have made: trailers, scooters, ramps, parking for bikes, armchairs with arm wrought iron and metal tables.


The first eight graduates have formed a co-op for repair and rental of bicycles and trailers, pooling donations from CENTRECH and its partners. In effect, with their diplomas, each of them has received: 5 bikes, a trailer, tools, spare parts and US $100. CENTRECH and its partners have also created more or less a captive market by setting up the program and workshop-school. According to this formula, any student or teacher in a school institution who adheres to the rules of the program can acquire a bicycle at the price of 25 US dollars by signing an agreement with the workshop-school. Since October 2012 up to this day, 1,551 used bikes have been sent to Limbé.

This project already caused an early change in Limbé, as it encourages cycling and provides an environmentally green transportation for its residents, in particular the women and the children who are released from the obligation to carry heavy loads on the head.

Woman on Bike

Thanks for the bike, the trailer and the US $100 received from CENTRECH. This Limbeenne is now self-employed and sells juice and ice candy.

People on Bikes

City Tour by bike organized by CENTRECH and its partners to Limbé

In addition, this project has generated several direct and indirect jobs and stimulated the creation of a few small businesses of selling bikes and spares parts between Limbé and Cap-Haitien.

The welding and the modeling are also part of the activities of the workshop-school of Limbé which intends to offer in the very near future a range of varied products both locally and in the international marketplace.

This is a true renaissance of Limbé.  The population of Limbé is right to say that this project is causing a real renaissance!

Marlene Valcin and Mercier Pierre Louis

French Version (PDF)

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