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Internet and the agricultural and rural development – an integrated approach

Food, Agriculture and Rural Development

Human resources for agricultural and rural development

Women in agriculture and rural development

Strengthen support for sustainable livelihoods in rural areas

Wildlife management for rural development

Fact sheet: Burkina Faso – Women, agriculture and rural development

Sustainable rural development and food security: Role of the Development of African mountains

Role of aquaculture in rural development

Rural Development Farming Health Communication Rural Radio Nutrition


Experiences with Goat Project as a Tool in Human Development: Goats for Poor Women in Bangladesh

The poultry farm parole

Breeding Ducks Consumption Ponds Piscioles

Influence of climate on livestock

Breeding Ducks Consumption Ponds Piscioles

Practical Handbook for the breeding of P. (Penaeus) monodon in ponds

First results of a rural pilot rearing associates – pig – fish

Practical Guide – Storage and retention of grains on the farm

Profitability of a commercial fish farm in Central African Republic

Accounting and economics from a fish farm family

Assessing the situation of fishing on lakes in Haiti

The fish in lakes and rivers of Haiti

Aquaculture Development Project in Rural Haiti. Final Report

Devoulement the Seminar on Aquaculture in Haiti

Technology of camel’s milk cheeses (The). Camelus dromedarius


Human nutrition in tropical Africa. Manual for health workers

Biotechnology for Production and Animal Health

Guidelines for strengthening animal health services in developing countries

Evaluation of the Animal Health Component of Programme 2.1.3


The Voices for Change: Communication and Rural Women

Communication to a human scale dévloppement

Communication for Rural Development – Instructions and guidelines for development planners and project developers

How to design and implement communication media outreach

Mexico: communication for rural development – for better or for worse

Central African Republic: national communication policy for development

Communication and Participation – Mexico’s experience

Methodological guide for developing a multimedia communication strategy


Agricultural and Rural Radio – Introduction and models

Radio for farmers: educate, inform and entertain

Radios agricultural trade in the U.S.

The role of rural radio in rural development – Dissemination of business information – Experience Project Microfinance and Marketing

Research in the field of rural media

Rural radio and information technology and communication: challenges

Rural Communication: a strategic link for poverty reduction in Niger

RANET use the information on climate and environment to promote development and reduce poverty in Africa


Maize in human nutrition

Rice in human nutrition

Sorghum and millets in human nutrition

Food Security and Community Nutrition

Looking ahead: Nutrition, environment and sustainable food production

Food / Food, Nutrition and / Agriculture…

Human nutrition in tropical Africa. Manual for health workers

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